Two Door Cinema Club – False Alarm review

Little probably did they know when they wrote it, but Something Good Can Work has been a song emblematic of Two Door Cinema’s career, a sort of unconscious salute to the merits of discovering a sucessful way of working and then sticking to it.

Almost a decade later and they continue to surprise the record buying public and themselves by parlaying their cherubic indie rock into arena headlining tours and this, the fourth installment in their album series.

Singer Alex Trimble has in the run up to it’s release been been talking up a renewed desire for experimentation, but if anything False Alarm is generally slicker and more rounded than 2016’s Gameshow, as Talk and So Many People capably demonstrate.

It’s a small constituency maybe, but anyone hoping for something against the grain is rewarded with the booming electroclash of Dirty Air, the sound of shackles being removed from Two Door Cinema’s music, if only just once.

You can read a full review here.

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