100 Greatest Songs of the 2010’s #26 Surfjan Stevens – All Of Me Wants All Of You

Released : 2015

Poignancy is a subjective gift: Surfjan Stevens masterpiece Carrie And Lowell was written from what was at times a perspective so personal that it felt like being in the room with him, his bipolar, drug abusing mother and her husband, a man who would eventually become one of his closest friends.

All Of Me Wants All Of You is a purposefully bittersweet song containing references to the dysfunctional family’s attempts at normality, via Stevens’ adolescent trips to Oregon. But far from being maudlin or like opening up old wounds, it’s Paul Simon-esque harmonic beauty is at first jaw droppingly appealing, almost that the listener suffers a sense of guilt for feeling pleasured by what is essentially eavesdropping.

By the finish you’re friends with all three people, the living and the dead.

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