Cabaret Voltaire – The Crackdown

Just covering the new Cabs album. Here’s what I wrote about one of the old ones, a long, long time ago.

The Voice Of Unreason

Originally released 18th August 1983. Review originally published 1st August 2007.

Around the same time as the trashy veneer of New Romanticism began to tarnish, a sub-genre of electronic music – in the days when creating a slightly different time signature wasn’t cause to invent one – emerged, swiftly identifying itself as “Futurism” with it’s perpetrators attempting to distance themselves from the vacuous overtones of Spandau Ballet et al.

It’s elective principles were a million miles away from the preening, narcissitic elitism of London’s Blitz club and it’s art gone fash troubadours; the future it soundtracked didn’t accommodate human character traits like ego, instead being filled with cyborg technocratratic prophecies and nightmarish Orwellian systems of control. Visualised elegantly by Ridley Scott’s dystopian futurescapes in Blade Runner (And by most of the lysergically tinged work of the book’s author, Philip K. Dick, plus a little William Burroughs) here was a society…

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