Sun’s Signature – Sun’s Signature EP review

You certainly can’t accuse Damon Reece of building our hopes up. Asked about the future of Sun’s Signature – of which he and former Cocteau Twin Elizabeth Fraser are the lynchpin – he’s stated that there are no plans to tour or release any other music under the banner. Like many of the ideas associated with this dazzling five track EP, identity, substance and form are amorphous concepts .

Much of the work presented here has a very long half life; Underwater was first made available over 20 years ago as a white label in the aftermath of the Twins messy dissolution. All of the work here was performed at the Royal Festival Hall during the Meltdown Festival of 2012, since then Reece, Fraser and cast of musicians including former Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett have at various stages been changing them.

Whether this is a final point for this music – which given the background seems unlikely – it’s here to be admired. Obvious reference points are Joanna Newsom, Bjork and Kate Bush – Fraser’s voice has now swung into a higher register – whilst Hackett adds subtle, virtuoso touches, particularly the Spanish guitar of closer Make Lovely The Day. It’s on Bluedusk however, it’s part incantation, part soaring lullaby being all wonderful, that the lost opportunity of not hearing these songs live is brought home. Surely, it’s petition time.

You can read a full review here.

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