Where the f*** did January go?

Is it really the end of the month already? Those of you abstaining from whatever you’ve been abstaining from can go drown yourself in it tonight, whilst that unfamiliar sensation in your bank account is called “money”.

It’s been a really busy month music wise although there’s only one real candidate for best album with fresh faced Fall-gone-Clash doing the Mondays quintet Shame walking it with the brilliant Songs of Praise.

There’s been plenty of other good new releases as well from the likes of Django Django, Jono McCleary and former Kaiser Chief Nick Hodgson, whilst we also met Bradfordian new-ish comers Glass Mountain.

As well as all that there was the Playlist, archive material in the Weekender feature from Air, The Prodigy, Arctic Monkeys and Pulp and if that still isn’t enough there’s never a bad time to plug last year’s #1 album Brutalism from Idles.

As ever huge thanks for visiting and here’s to the end of prohibition!

Picture Credit: Brixton Buzz.