Treetop Flyers – Treetop Flyers review

If one of music’s first jobs is to feel timeless, London’s Treetop Flyers have it nailed; sounding like the bastard sons of Gram Parsons doing a soul review in some vintage New Mexico bar, some of their work gives the impression it needs carbon dating.

This is not of course an all bad thing and their previous outing, 2015’s Palomino, was a more than credible addition to the seemingly endless catalogue of quasi-American road albums, sifting through amongst other things distressed country and some wan reflections of Laurel Canyon beige.

Built around singer Reid Morrison’s dusty but charachterful voice, this eponymous third album is only difficult in the sense that the quintet have obviously moved to branch, taking on a hazy psychedelic jam on Art of Deception and more downbeat melodic flavour on Kooky Clothes.

This new thirst for diversity considered, Treetop Flyers still feel most comfortable on Sweet Greens And Blues and It’s Hard To Understand, both leaning heavily on a retro-soulful charm that’s hard to resist.

You can read a full review here.



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