How To Dress Well – The Anteroom review

Reactions amongst the entertainment community to the political frenzy of the last two years have varied, from the multifarious confusion of Kanye West to the righteous anger of Axl Rose.

For Tom Krell the answer was of all things to relocate to Los Angeles, in many ways with it’s endless urban sprawl and sense of disconnection the archetypal modern American city state. Here the artist known as How To Dress Well transmorphed his music into a splintered, many headed storm of experimental r&b, threading it via The Anteroom’s high concept of a reception place that exists between two worlds.

Alerntating from skeletal ballads to splintered house and industrial techno, this is a record which forms both escape hatch and conceptual chamber, reaching a peak on The Memory, The Spinning Of A Body which takes Madonna’s Like A Prayer and refracts it through The Weeknd’s contorted soul.

Sometimes losing your mind means you reach the plane of a million others; Tom Krell has found a mojo not of his own choosing and had made a remarkable album in the process.

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