Best Albums of 2018 #14 John Grant – Love Is Magic

With his insider/outsider status now assured, John Grant now finds himself able to expand the much fabled creative freedoms many crave whilst still creating music people still want to hear; after an interesting but niche sideline as part of Creep Show earlier in the year, Love Is Magic was back to business unusual.

Part of his brief has always been in confronting the sort of hypocrisy that haunted his upbringing in a strict, emotionally stifled religious household, the resulting estrangement from his parents dealt with in typically confessional manner here on opener Metamorphosis. Equally his gift for satire is one lost on many; the admittedly gift-that-keeps-on-giving target is Donald Trump on Smug C***, but there are still few writers in circulation – with the exception of Josh Tillman – who can flip switches in us so deftly.

Whether you admire Grant for this uniqueness of tone or because he’s still capable amongst the fire of creating the title track’s wonderful balladry, Love Is Magic is a proves once more that someone’s conscience should always be our guide.

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