The Room In The Wood – The Mars EP review

It’s been a long time since Liverpool was the musical epicentre of the youthquake whose aftershocks travelled round the world, a revolution in pop culture so fundamental that it doesn’t even have to be named for everyone to understand what’s being referred to.

The city’s second musical coming in the early 1980’s was less rapturousy received in Tokoyo than Tranmere, but the influence of that flood of post punk bands of that era is still felt. Never more than of cult status in their heyday, The Room originally split in 1985 but now Paul Cavanagh and band founder Dave Jackson have reunited, releasing their sadly overlooked eponymous debut album in 2018.

Of veteran stock they may be, but the duo are writing songs very much of the modern age, from the Elon Musk damning title track to a mockery of populist right wingers on Every Lie. Preserving a right to critical thinking and making great music out of it is a Liverpudlian tradition after, one that it’s sons deserve to be remembered for as much as Love Me Do.

You can read a full review here.

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