Foals – Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost, Part 1 review

Yiannis Phillipakis has never been a man for soft pedalling; despite Foals losing their bass player and the music industry going to hell in handbasket they’ve chosen not to replace Walter Gervers – and just when many bands are doubting the wisdom of releasing albums at all, they’ve chosen to go for the Holy Grail of commercial suicide, the split double.

You can only imagine the conference call eye rolling when the marketing team first heard that idea, but this after all is a band who started out playing student parties in Oxford only to become festival headliners and by extension, powerful enough to do what they want.

Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost is a concept album of sorts, focusing on the consequences of man’s commitment to self-destruction, being of the planet or ourselves.  Philippakis says both chapters are “Two sides of the same locket”,  but if this first is the tone, the solemn message is sent in overtures big enough to massively extend the band’s reach.

Lead single Exits typifies this even broader vision, but whilst the experimentation is kept mostly under wraps, on Cafe D’Athens and Sunday the quartet serve notice that if you still want to follow, Autumn’s second installment may well take you places new and unfamiliar.

You can read the full review here.


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