Potty Mouth – SNAFU review

It’s hard to imagine Malcolm McLaren believing that punk rock, a movement he created originally as a way to sell clothes and fester rebellion inside a couple of square miles of West London, would have a half-life that almost fifty years on which shows no sign of decay.

Potty Mouth are one of a legion of groups worldwide who’re still carrying a torch for it and their story is one that began in the Massachusetts underground at the beginning of the decade, before an enforced hiatus and relocation to California rejuvenated what had looked like a short-lived career

Like Punk the term SNAFU was coined deep in the last century and remains relevant today. The trio – fronted by singer Abi Weems – use some more recognisably modern juxtapositions on 22, a song about numbers and how people can use them to put you where they want you.

It’s a clever take on being in between the crosshairs of society and culture, a song that joins Liar And Plastic Paradise as thrashy fun. Intentionally or not however its Starry Eyes which would appear to be the true benchmark of their ambitions, a tilt at pop inspired it would seem by the sunshine and surf of their new home. What old Malcolm would’ve made of that, who knows.

You can read a full review here.

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