WH Lung – Incidental Music review

It’s 2019, so psychedelic music doesn’t come with kaftans, sitars and a flowery painted Rolls Royce, instead as Mancunian trio W.H.Lung demonstrate on their debut, it’s much more of a state of mind.

Incidental Music is an album which has been some time coming, with it’s creators limiting themselves in this hi-exposure world to a handful of tracks already released by way of preview and minimal live performances.

The wait however is certainly worth it, as lengthened exposure gives songs like Simpatico People and Overnight Phenomenon time to evolve in unexpected ways. The finest moment however is saved for Inspiration, which takes makes their epic re-working of Tame Impala into a whole new universe. Light those joss sticks, because Salford is going bye-bye.

You can read the full review here.


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