Vampire Weekend – Father of The Bride review

Ezra Koenig may well the only full time member left of Vampire Weekend, but that hasn’t left him in stasis; during the six years which have passed since the band’s last album was released he’s become a father and moved to Los Angeles, an act he’s admitted amounts to near heresy to his all New Yorker family.

With the departure of Rostam Batmanglij however there was a serious job to do in terms of sharing and creating new ideas and accordingly into the tent came Ariel Reichstad and also his girlfriend, Danielle Haim.

The resulting sprawl would be in old money a double album, but rather than descend into the globs of filler that being forced to justify the excess can often prompt, Father Of The Bride is a mercurial, occasionally off beat album on which Haim stars, duetting on the country flavoured Hold You Now, Married In A Gold Rush and We Belong Together.

Notwithstanding a hefty list of collaborators which keep things fresh and dynamic, the best moments here still belong to Koenig himself, both Harmony Hall and Unbearably White as near to perfection as he’s ever wanted to go. Who says too much change is a bad thing.

You can read the full review here.


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