100 Greatest Songs of the 2010’s #62 Boards of Canada – Palace Posy

Released : 2013

Boards of Canada have created such a vast mythology around themelves that, despite the relatively open media round the brothers undertook in support of their fourth/fifth officially released album Tomorrow’s Harvest in 2013, absolutely no-one knew what to expect.

Once processed, the wild theorising turned into just that however and instead what emerged was a record which was harsher and far more dystopian than The Campfire Headphase, the cues taken mostly from harsh synthetics of 80’s video nasty scores.

No points for working out that Palace Posy is an anagram of apocalypse – the sort of in-joke which BoC initiaties live for – but it’s a rare moment of relative warmth from a record that lacks the womblike comfort of the duo’s neo-classic Music Has The Right To Children.  Building to a climax of distorted Aquarian chanting, this is a tune to float endlessly towards Alpha Centauri in your fatally damaged hover ship to.

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