Chance The Rapper – The Big Day review

Nothing brings everyone together like a wedding and Chancellor “Chance” Bennett loves them so much he’s made a concept album about his own to long term partner Kirsten Corley. For almost anyone else this would be a career ending act of self harm, but when you’re at the top, you get to call the shots.

Being at a guest at someone’s nuptials usually means making compromises about the sort of music you have to listen to and plenty of people in the rap community will have been surprised to see the likes of Randy Newman and Death Cab For Cutie on The Big Day’s collaborator list. Whilst the real time impact of both is relatively minor, the goal here is an obviously ambitious one on which our hero looks to create a near-pop album for less than pop times.

As with any recod that arrives lasting around the 80 minute mark there’s some bloat which could be trimmed. But appearances from Gucci Mane, Nicki Minaj, John Legend and up and coming star Megan Thee Stallion reveal a perfomer unafraid of being upstaged, whilst the Miami house of Ballin’ Flossin’ jumps boundaries and SWV add a gospel touch to Found A Good One (Single No More).

The haters will hate it, but The Big Day is likely to give Chance The Rapper a takeover of stellar proportions. You can read the full review here.