100 Greatest Songs of the 2010’s #55 Daft Punk ft. Pharrell Williams – Get Lucky

Released : 2013

About 18 months ago Clash Music ran a piece on Get Lucky describing it as “Daft Punk’s Worst Moment”. It’s hard to understand why, five years after it’s release, their correspondent could still be fumbling round the blogosphere with such a chip on their shoulder, but timing to one side, what seemed to be his beef was that it was a song written to be listened to by lots of people.

And so it was. It’s a rare artist who starts with the deliberate intent for their music to reside in total obscurity; not that these people don’t exist, but given the performers involved here, it’s hard to see what expectations Clash’s erstwhile hack could reasonably have had for a song written by people who’ve sold about 30 million records combined.

There are plenty of things to accuse it of, naturally. Rather than sample Nile Rodgers – without whom it’s arguable Daft Punk wouldn’t have made it out of France in the first place – Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter just brought the man himself to their party, which sort of makes up for Get Lucky’s outrageous derivation, but not quite.  Also in the debit column there’s the idea that Pharrell Williams breezy vocals lack a bit of ooomph and of course, there’s the bit with the vocoder.

But sometimes, just sometimes, the general public are right and all the critics are wrong. Get Lucky isn’t Daft Punk’s worst moment, whilst not being their best, but it’s one that conveys pan-language, pan-culture, pan-continent, what a good time is. And if they spend the rest of their lives counting the Euros in because of it, then that’s just fine.


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