Metronomy – Metronomy Forever review

Joe Mount didn’t get where he is today by playing it safe: whilst Metronomy’s The English Riviera marked a both a high commercial tide mark for the band and simultaneously his most accessible collection of songs, a Devonian sense of mischief has kept them free from the clutches of Radio 2 hell ever since.

Metronomy Forever will certainly maintain their pleasant outsider status, with Mount attempting to create the more ambient, lean-back experience of listening to the radio, complete with a number of instrumental bits which provide breathing space between some typically mercurial tales of 21st century love and other traumas.

Probably just as he intended, not all of it works, particularly the awkward Prince-on-a-budget jam of Sex Emoji, but Lately, Whitsand Bay and Miracle Rooftop are all just edgy but crafted enough to mean that Metronomy Forever can be filed under the experimental but listenable tag, a place which he’s been in or around for practically his whole career.

You can read a full review here.

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