100 Greatest Songs of the 2010’s #41 Todd Terje – Inspector Norse

Released : 2012

Norway: Land of the Fjords, days without sunset, the birthplace of Black Metal but also the home of Röyksopp. Todd Terje leans musically towards the latter, particularly the never ending warmth of their debut, 1999’s Melody AM. His stage name is an homage to Todd Terry and the song’s title is riff on a mildewed British detective series (Made before Scandanavians discovered a talent for tv noir which far surpasses the Brits).

As you can see, no-one’s taking themselves too seriously here, which is a perfect setting for a track with a beachy vibe, wonderfully uncluttered set of hooks and hugely optimistic feel. You’ll want to dance to it until the sun goes down, which may if you’re lucky, be never.

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