100 Greatest Songs of the 2010’s #36 Gotye ft. Kimbra – Somebody That I Used To Know

Released : 2011

In many ways this song is a relic of a past so distant that it may as well have been recorded on a wax cylinder. Introspective ballad? Not hip anymore. Song about love? Who bothers to do that in 2019 when you can just hate people. A duet? Please, let me go find Sonny and Cher.

And yet Somebody That I Used To Know became another one of those things we all associate with fairy dust and the existence of an honest politician: a sleeper hit which turned into a global phenomenon despite it’s quirks (Almost beatless, Gotye’s self-absorbed,  piercing vocals, the blankly emotionless video, a xylophone for crissakes).

Not you assume that Wouter De Backer will be too bothered about any of that. He might say all he did was write an instrospective ballad about love as a duet, one that sketched feelings half the world at some point experienced. And half the world listened.


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