Editors – Black Gold review

Ageing gracefully is not something rock stars are generally given the luxury of doing now: either you go down the Madonna route or after a couple of albums the public decide it’s time for you to go back to that old job you used to have.

Black Gold celebrates fifteen years in which Editors have been more less on the horizon and although they’ve never entirely managed to step away from the shadow of their bleakly ecstatic first album The Back Room, to their credit Tom Smith and co. have refused either to keep exploiting it’s legacy.

To underline this even as a hits package Black Gold has three new songs in it’s roster, of which both Frankenstein and Upside Down are danceably closer to 2019 than 2009. If you’re here for the memories you won’t be disappointed either, with Smokers Outside The Hospital Doors, Bullets and Munich all still as viscerally epic as you remember them.

How you feel about the bonus material – a sometimes funereally paced collection of reworkings that has Smith accompanied largely by strings and piano – will be determined by fandom, but it’s a positive sign that Magazine, from their last album Violence, is a marker which deserves to appear in any of Editors best of playlists.

You can read the full review here.

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