Chemical Brothers – Live in Leeds review

If every gig has a defining moment one way or the other, then tonight’s it’s this: as the acid smudged opening beats of Hey Boy, Hey Girl wash around the Leeds Arena there’s a collective losing of people’s shit; limbs flail, asses shake like it’s a strip joint and splashes of stale beer fly in all directions.

Ed Simons and Tom Rowlands understand this moment of course, they’ve planned for it. Turning countless aircraft hangars into the best party ever for the last 20 years hasn’t happened by accident; making such a collective joy feel intimate has taken their effortlessly fluid big noise to places few thought electronic music acts could go.

Sat on a back catalogue like theirs the obvious temptation for the duo would be simply to press play on the hits package and then load up your Insta, but to their credit a decent slug of 2019’s return to form release No Geography is included in a set accompanied by some of the most visually dazzling backdrops being toured by anyone.

Hey Lights, Hey Sound. In The Chemical Brothers we have two superstar DJ’s who prefer to let the bangers and magic take you on a trip you make for yourself. And even if the outside world is still waiting on the outside, in here it’s still pretty much the most fun you can have in the company of ten thousand other people.

You can read the full review here.

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