100 Greatest Songs of the 2010’s #30 Arctic Monkeys – That’s Where You’re Wrong

Released : 2011

WHAT? come the cries. A song buried at the end of the mildly-received Suck It And See that almost no-one remembers? No Are You Mine?, Do I Wanna Know? Hell, even something off that cocktail lounge album thing would make more sense!

Steady though, fuming of Woodseats. Because the Arctic Monkeys have spent their entire careers like Luke Skywalker and Macauley Caulkin, trying to pretend that the past isn’t theirs to own, keeping it desert, keeping it Brighton Beach, keeping whatever’s felt like real at the time. That’s Where You’re Wrong is so great because in contrast its one of the few moments in the last decade that the quartet have sounded so open to looking at the old days like a scrapbook rather than just a wardrobe failure you used to hang out with.

Glorious, it’s The Smiths, The Stone Roses, it’s picking up your calls at the payphone down the street, it’s five-a-side, snogging, a clip round the back of the head from a teacher, it’s anywhere but their here and now.  Don’t always burn them Polaroids.