William Doyle – Your Wilderness Revisited review

Writing about what you know might be good advice but takes on a different perspective when that knowledge is of something tragic. William Doyle’s father died when he was still a child and Your Wilderness Revisited is about that, but not as a eulogy, or as a journal of loss: humans have a remarkable gift when young for inner resilience that adulthood strips away, that inexperience makes a tunnel of contrasting thoughts and emotions.

Doyle may be familiar by his previous name East India Youth, but Your Wilderness Revisited is a more esoteric imprint of himself, an audio scrapbook that very occasionally threatens to be crushed but it’s own philosphical weight  with Brian Eno’s turn on Design Guide being the apex of this clutter.

Mostly however this is kaleidoscopic British pop with an arty twist, elegaic opener Millersdale a gloriously ramshackle piece of modern psychedelia with the likes of Continuum and Zionshill marking out Doyle as a songwriter with a gift for thoughtful, expansive music made with courage.

You can read the full review here.


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