100 Greatest Songs of The 2010’s #21 Michael Kiwanuka – Love & Hate

Released : 2016

Be in no doubt, the post-Winehouse appettite for soul singers has never been greater on either side of the Atlantic, but whilst demand is at peak, the supply line has typically been full of bloodless replacements.

If her gift was giving the fifty year old conflation of gospel and blues a refit for the twenty first century, very few others have had the talent to replicate the feat and for Michael Kiwanuka a first album having being moulded through the industry pipeline promised not much more.

The follow up shattered that perception and any thoughts the singer had himself that he could walk in anyone’s shoes. Love & Hate opened with a nine minute song suite in two parts and it’s title track revealed a man capable of making the undulating emotions of non-pop life into deeply immersive stories, an intuition few possess, told in a cracked, world weary voice that sounded like rolling gold.


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