100 Greatest Songs of the 2010’s #18 Robyn – Dancing On My Own

Released : 2010

Figuring out the decade’s out and out best pop song has been a major pain in the ass, so Dancing On My Own – which narrowly beats Call Me Maybe, Shake It Off and Years & Years’ King – is a choice made with doubts in mind.

These misgivings are of course not about the song itself, which introduced one the decade’s meta trends in a penchant for Scandanavians taking electro-pop back to it’s late 20th century roots, but in whether the genre as art has strayed too far from the qualities which have made it the planet’s dominant musical trope.

That conversation and many more like it are for some point in the future however. On Dancing On My Own Robyn does more than squeeze some old juice from the formula – instead she reinvented it as slick, smart and emotional, a song as timeless as the feelings she’s talking about.

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