100 Greatest Songs of the 2010’s #17 Stars – A Song Is A Weapon

Released : 2012

Look,  Stars are good at this stuff, having already recorded a contender for the best song of the decade previously (The wonderfully melancholic Ghost of Genova Heights) along come the Quebecois again to remind us that they can do this with their collective eyes shut.

A Song Is A Weapon has the most ubiquitous of chassis, it’s antipathy for the man the sort of theme carried forward since people travelled from village to village playing music for a living. It could in modern parlance be about an American president – although it predates him by four years – but in reality it’s dedication is more of a personal one, a little luxury which can be afforded when the excercise of compiling a list is a solo one.


      1. No. Although that could raise some eyebrows. It’s all so political. I think they might be based in Montreal now but none of them are from there originally and I’m not sure the whole band even lives there. I wonder, though, if they might consider themselves Quebecois. It is possible. Torquil is the type that might.

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