100 Greatest Songs of the 2010’s #9 Lorde – Buzzcut Season

Released : 2013

You wander sometimes what a coming of age album like Lorde’s Pure Heroine would be like if it was recorded now as opposed to in the slightly rosier days of the decade’s beginning: the thoughts of a young woman articulating Gen Z’s creeping sense of unease, much of it’s innocence might not have survived the roughest of rides life’s been since.

Buzzcut Season is one of it’s most ephemeral songs and at first, probably seems the most disposable, the words seemingly a backwards glance at both the insulation from experience afforded by teenage life but also the contradictions of the so called adult world, it’s violence and total absence of compassion.

Eventually though a realisation emerges: this is an anti-war song, crafted not by a grieving wife but by an observer finding only madness on the sidelines. Now is not the time for this kind of subtlety, perhaps then was.


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