100 Greatest Songs of the 2010’s #6 Sleaford Mods – Tweet Tweet Tweet

Released : 2014

Probably the most intriguing feature of the decade with no name has been it’s unpredictability: you’d have got long odds for instance at the beginning on Jason Williamson turning his agit-hop into a career, but then again you’d probably have got longer on Britain suffering the kind of brain freeze that would give him so much new impetus.

Tweet Tweet Tweet is the closing track of what was the Mods first album as grown-ups, Williamson having secured the ideal foil in Andrew Fearn and the collapse inwards of both society’s progress and conversation lighting their fire. It’s a song about us, about dislocation and narcissism, about processing real life horror through a thick lense of desensitisation without any thought about the long term damage to the soul. Fewer reflections have looked uglier, or sounded so uncomfortably true.


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