100 Greatest Songs of the 2010’s #2 GusGus – Selfoss (Live on KEXP)

Performed : 2011

Biggi Viera of GusGus was once quoted as saying “For me,  doing electronic music is like having sex with machines, I turn your knobs, you turn mine…”. Formed in Iceland, the collective have always had an unconventional approach to creating electronic music, art first, instinctual, embracing their home country’s strange with gusto.

When Viera and co-founding member Daníel Ágúst played Reykyavik for the Seattle based radio station KEXP as part of the Iceland Airwaves festival the setup however looked less than promising, a wall of geekery between them and the audience.

The opening track from their Arabian Horse album, Selfoss had on record lacked some purpose despite it’s whimsical accordion outro, but stripped back to it’s astrally deep techno roots, this live rendering is a series of ever bigger crescendoes and deeper waves, a basic but radical sensory overload to end all sensory overloads. If having sex with a machine makes you feel like this, it could be the end of the human race.


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