Beck – Hyperspace review

Beck Hansen has rarely if ever directly retraced any of his musical steps, so when the jumping blues hop of Saw Lightning was first sprung upon the world the surprise was real: if 1995’s Loser is still an alt-dancefloor staple in some quarters, was this an unlikely attempt at resuscitation?

The predictable answer was not really. Working principally with Pharell Williams, Hyperspace despite this singular lapse back into yee-haw is a drifting fantasy of psychedelic R&B, a sound which as you might expect the singer seems in turn fascinated and then a little bored with. It’s peak is in the lilting See Through, a sophisticated, melancholy ballad with echoes of Frank Ocean’s satin remorse.

A leap forward then, or sideways? Hyperspace is certainly in many ways a far more engaging Beckian identity than that portrayed on 2017’s Colors, both Chemical  and Stars leading the pleasant retro-pop charge, whilst collaborations with Chris Martin and Sky Ferreira underline a need to share some of the burden of reinvention. The great chameleon rolls on.

You can read the full review here.

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