Kaytranda – Bubba Review

It isn’t always easy to roll with life’s punches but Kevin Augustin Celeste seems to be doing just fine. Having emigrated from crisis-torn Haiti to Canada just after he was born, a sense of dislocation was compounded by his parent’s divorce when he was 14: introverted, he turned to music to act as a soul mate.

He would be almost still prodigal when in 2012 his stellar remix of Janet Jackson’s If brought him inter continental exposure, but after three years of constant touring he took himself off he road in order to allow the headspace to create his debut album 99.9%

Bubba however smashes any glass ceiling he may have subconsciously felt his lack of presence may bring (He rarely interviews), simply by being expertly fashioned and immaculately played. There’s some Green Room here – the ubiquitous Pharrell Williams co-works on Midsection, there’s Teedra Moses, Tinashe and Mick Jenkins, whilst the up and coming Kali Uchis shines on 10% – but in the mix and pacing, it’s unquestionably Tranda’s show.

Sometimes artists make music to help people get away – perhaps Bubba is it’s creator taking himself on a journey of escape as well. Either way, it’s a party you won’t want to miss.

You can read the full review here.


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