Georgia – Seeking Thrills review

There’s something about drumming and drummers that sets them apart: rarely do they come out from behind their instruments in one piece and their isolation seems so deliberate, like building a shelter to keep the world out.

Georgia Barnes began as a session drummer for Kwes and Kate Tempest before a revelatory gig by Afica Express changed everything, diverting a path which seemed likely to take her into that shell of anonymity favoured by those of her craft. Since that she became an artist outright, releasing her slef titled debut album in 2015, a collection that predictably was balanced more to rhythm than melody.

Seeking Thrills however is a much more open book, filled with plug-and-play tunefulness and on About Work The Dancefloor a de facto banger that surely makes her dad – Leftfield’s Neil – justifiably proud. It’s no one hit wonder either, with 24 Hours, Starting Out and Never Let You Go all dusted with the same faithfully rendered house and techno gloss.

In front of the drum kit, people can see the real you. On Seeking Thrills Georgia is someone’s daughter, but more importantly everyone’s new best friend.

You can read the full review here.

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