Pet Shop Boys – Hotspot review

The blurry image used on the cover of Hotspot might suggest that it’s creators are now happy to step a little further away from their legacy as British pop royalty, but one listen to the shimmering, front footed pulse of Monkey Business squashes that. On it messrs. Tennant and Lowe are ageing as disgracefully as ever, making everything just a number via a banger delivered in the grand style.

The duo remain firmly at the top of their food chain, having gone back to their electronic essence in recent years and whilst there’s a certain sense of familiarity to tunes like Happy People and opener Willo-The-Wisp, the musical detachment which they sometimes inadvertently project never surfaces.

A former music journalist himself, Tennant will be no stranger to the slings and arrows of the trade, but whilst being hyper critical there’s nothing on Hotspot which will join their classic-heavy A-list, bringing in Years & Years Olly Alexander on Dreamland and the cheesy-but-uplifting closer Wedding In Berlin are both hallmarks of songwriters still willing to take liberties with their own reputation.

They may be national treasures, but there’s no certainly no reason to bury the Pet Shop Boys yet.

You can read the full review here.

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