Green Day – Father of all…review

As the phrase goes, anger is an energy. For almost four years now America has been at war with both it’s conscience and identity; when Billy Joe Armstrong wrote American Idiot all those years ago little did he know it would be as reuseable as a sobriquet for American presidents as a glass beer bottle.

Father of All…finds Green Day in unforgiving mood; the title is about you-know-who, as it appears is Stab You In The Heart with lines like “Kick it in the head and now I wanna see you dead/With a switchblade edge to the chest” unlikely to get them many invitations to go hit a few at Mar-A-Lago.

This of course will be enough to get the moral minority frothing into their fake news vox pops, but the violence is cartoon-ish, the real purpose a brave attempt to go back to the trio’s roots as Gen-X flotsam making fun tunes to be taken as seriously only as much as you’d like. The tone is similarly adolescent, using the essence of classic rock n’ roll, Motown and glam on standouts I Was A Teenage Teenager, Sugar Youth and Meet Me On The Roof.

Anger of course works like every other drug, leaving you exhausted on the come down and always needing higher highs. Father of All is Green Day at their most and least reactionary, a record that once it finally walks it’s walk gives you something to party until the very end to.

You can read the full review here.


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