100 Greatest Songs of the 80’s #89 – Change – Change of Heart

Released : 1984

It’s possible to think that there was nothing much of value between the collapse of disco in the early 1980’s and the rise of Chicago house four or five years later, but in that period boundaries were still pushed – and few embraced the new possibilities more enthusiastically than those in R&B, particularly Prince associates, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis.

The duo would go on to become one of the decade’s most respected producers, but with Italian-American duo Change they gave a preview of a new world in which the studio was king and machines were now in charge of our good times.

Change of Heart is also the sound of BIG, of everything dialed up to eleven, of several hits on that mirror line. Strutting and bombastic, Deborah Cooper’s wonderfully OTT vocals added depth and soul; walking away from a disastrous relationship hadn’t sounded this redemptory since I will Survive.

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