The Orielles – Disco Volador review

When Chic talked about good times all those years ago, did anybody say that there was some kind of limit on them? Nile Rodgers acolytes The Orielles have been living in the same troubled world as the rest of us for the last four or five years, but there’s no sign that they’re willing to put a downer on things just yet, at least based on the evidence Disco Voldador brings.

The quartet may have had to suffer the slings and arrows of being from Halifax and not LA, but there’s a both a sunshine and freedom of spirit to their second album which belies any expectation they would reign in their more exotic tendencies this time round.

This doesn’t mean they need to be indulged, because  Disco Volador still punches as well as it dances – and it dances very well. You’ll groove as the title track packs a hefty swish, you’ll freak to the jazzy Memoirs of Miso and you’ll swoon the primo indie of Bobbi’s Second World. Good times? we all need good times.

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