Little Dragon – New Me, Same Us review

For a decade and a half Gothenburg’s Little Dragon have been both a production house –  with their collaborative credits including Flying Lotus, De La Soul and Mac Miller – and also defiantly performers keen to stress their unique and seperate identity, a balancing act which requires satisfying many more people than just themselves.

With this in mind New Me, Same Us finds the quartet self producing again after working with James Ford on 2017’s Season High and far less reliant on it’s club-friendly beats, instead adopting a more instrument based approach and mostly dialling back on working with famous co-stars.

Even when they put in an appearance it’s still hard to know the hired hands are there, Kali Uchis less than prominent on the laid back Are You Feeling Sad? In general the mood is more akin to a cocktail party than a rave and whilst it almost certainly wasn’t the intention, with the exception of the closer Water, the tempo mimics the acid-Jazz antics of The Brand New Heavies Shelter.

Producers or artists, the four people in Little Dragon are both, but New Me, Same Us lands too close to self indulgence to ever truly enhance their status as either.

You can read the full review here.

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