Beach Comber – Parting Cuts review

Rory Friers can normally be heard working as part of the Irish post rock quartet And So I Watch You From Afar, but for the occasion of his sister’s wedding he decided to come up with a different kind of gift, in an album of songs celebrating the happy couple’s past, present and future.

Taking with him just a guitar, laptop and a handful of other things to bang and shake, Friers relocated to a remote house on the Antrim coast and spent two weeks in isolation – before such a thing became a way of life for billions of people – writing music which was both personal but outward looking.

After the edict came to retreat behind our own walls, the composer turned solo act decided that the material deserved to be made available to the greater listening public – and he was right. The songs on Parting Cuts have almost nothing in common with ASIWYFA’s dense, layered intricacy, making alt-folk merry on the titular opener and final tune The Next Adventure Has To Start, whilst Two Do Battle With The Mountain, Kickin’ Back In Saquarema and South Pacific are all more than joyful enough to get young and old on their feet.

There’s been much speculation recently about whether home recordings are music’s future. In the aye corner we have Parting Cuts, an intimate present which everyone can share.

You can read the full review here.

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