DMA’s – The Glow review

Call it what you want, a big heart scrawled on a wall somewhere with UK/DMA’s 4ever written there, but the Australian trio have managed to tap into something very British, attracting a demographic who prefer music as escapism rather than somewhere to be told what to think.

Ok, this is admittedly an over simplification. The alternative view is that image free, the Sydneysiders have spent the last near decade making things happen the old school way, grafting around Europe and writing songs which have up until now owed a significant debt to amongst others you-know-who and his gobby brother.

The Glow however is a confident move from a band who clearly believe they’ve paid their dues and can take an audience with them. Heralded by Life Is A Game of Changing, a sound which was largely based on traditional guitar-bass-drums is now buttressed by processing and a stomping 4/4 beat, dance floor ready and scrubbing up nicely.

This isn’t however a signal of abandoning more familiar songwriting props, particularly the heavy reliance on melody and big choruses to be showered with lager to. On both Learning Alive and Silver they continue to deliver the goods as expected, whilst elsewhere on The Glow there’s more than enough of their trademark soul and honesty to sell this new direction without resistance.

Read the full review here.


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