Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard – The Non Stop EP

Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard first turned up here when their debut single Double Denim Hop made 2018’s Best of..list, a fabulously retro, hip-swinging throwback to T-Rex that worked so well because it landed squarely in the inspired by, rather than tribute to category.

BBB is largely the creation of Cardiff-dweller Tom Rees, who having turned his initial batch of songs into a band is now doing this all in joined up writing with a mission statement which boldly reads: YOU CAN LOVE OLD ROCK WITHOUT PASTICHING IT.

As it’s in block capitals this didn’t really need underlining, but when Rees bangs out the anthemic John Lennon Is My Jesus Christ the listener is left under no false impressions; he’s walking the walk as well as talking the talk. Double Denim Hop also resurfaces again, but there are also some harder surfaces lurking under the nostalgia, Stockholm City Rock and Hollywood Actors credential-touting for the theory that BBB are a band, not just a project.

The Non Stop is a rarity, a record which takes old music and infuses it with some new ideas. Tom Rees might not care much about modern fashion, but he’s setting a future trend.

You can read the full review here.


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