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So, what’s new in the world of almost post-Covid, making alternative music, right now? Well, basically there are no rules anymore, so you can write tunes about whatever you want, play them on whatever instruments you choose and get people to listen to them whatever way they can.

It’s a good job that this was already Macroscope’s way of doing things. From Pontefract near Leeds and formed two years ago, the sextet also come toting a range of influences from the E-Street Band through to acid jazz, the sort of tastemaker’s bookmarks that in proxy form bring experience and grit amongst many other gifts.

Their new single My Favourite Cardigan follows on from 2019’s debut double A side single ‘Drop Dead, Gorgeous/Grace’ and finds lead singer Luc Hyde in reflective mood.

An idea which came from fooling around with the chords to a Lana Del Rey number, in keeping just the basest of elements, it quickly became something very different. The lyrics deal with the confused and sometimes contradictory attachments people form to objects and each other and the mood is sombre, the hushed piano and sax lying in the background as if they’re playing from behind a curtain.

From a band perspective My Favourite Cardigan also showcases the temperate skill of slowing time down enough to envelop the listener and let them breathe everything in; authentically brought, striving for that sense of theatre from the mundane has been a  cherished quality outfits like James have long been masters of.



Somebody once said something about the tree of indie rock needing to be refreshed with new blood from time to time. In which case, Macroscope are here, ready and willing to meet you halfway. Knitwear’s optional.

‘My Favourite Cardigan’ is out on the 31st of July.

Macroscope are: Luc Hyde (Guitar, Vox), Maxx Lancaster (Sax), Seth Whitby (Bass), Nathan Smith (Drums), Finn 0’Beirne (Piano) and Joel Harrison (Synths).

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