Ian Skelly – Drifter’s Skyline Review

Overthinking often stifles creativity. Whilst it might’ve taken three years for Def Leppard to complete Hysteria, Ian Skelly – drummer for Liverpudlian mavericks The Coral – recorded nearly all of Drifter’s Skyline in two and a half days in Berlin, after having first written all of it’s songs in a week of febrile creativity.

Conducting the process at warp speed was a natural thing. Skelly jetted out with friend and co-producer Paul McKinnel, engineer Paul Pilot added keyboards to flesh out the more substantial numbers and the whole thing was done more or less in single takes, not that on uber-relaxed numbers such as Over The Moon and Travelling Mind you would ever know.

Drifter’s Skyline is written to be a story in two parts, one where the skies start to darken towards the end, the hazy atmosphere of Thoughts of You ebbing away into the title track’s plaintive psychedelia, whilst Spirit Plane is hard kicking, Yardbirds-esque garage rock. You make music your way, and Ian Skelly has proven that the first ideas you have are usually the best.

You can read the full review here.

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