Affleck’s Palace – Everything Is An Attempt To Be Human EP review

The term “Nu-Madchester” isn’t newly minted; back in 2008 The Guardian were musing jokily whether to apply it to the then latest bunch of bright new city hopefuls Delphic. If that didn’t have real legs, then Affleck’s Palace, a four piece from guess where named after the bohemian former home of Eastern Bloc records and scene clothes shop Identity seem to have a better chance of making it stick.

It would be easy to say that the four songs which make up Everything Is An Attempt To Be Human have each been conceived as markers of an era now largely forgotten by the people who were actually there, but the quartet are far cleverer than launching themselves as competition to it’s host of tribute bands. True, both Pink Skies and Ripley Jean are each Joe Bloggs enough for listeners to get the big idea, but closer It All Comes Around is a reminder that there was more substance to the late eighties Youthquake, the song’s title reminding us that every cycle folds back in on itself, “Nu” or otherwise.

You can read a full review here.

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