The Last Dinosaur – Wholeness review

For Jamie Cameron the experience of creating music goes way beyond the narrow confines of the act itself; as The Last Dinosaur’s previous album The Nothing revealed, it’s as much about the psychological contortions the process requires as any attempt to reach a shared consciousness with an audience.

At less than thirty minutes long Wholeness is some way between a follow up and a status update, but The Nothing’s fragility and tenderness, the so-tentative steps which Cameron took back into the real world after years of mental health issues, are here reimagined beautifully.

At times the work is so delicate you feel listening to it could cause disintegration; Errant Child is little more than a small flock of piano phrases and a naked voice, Shower Song a hazy theme tune for an other-worldly cavalcade. In a time where so many artists wear their hearts on their sleeve, keeping it so much closer than that is Cameron’s almost unique gift.

You can read the full review here.

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