The Cribs – Night Network review

In these days of self recording, self producing and self releasing it’s comparatively rare to hear stories about a band being prevented from doing their day jobs, but following the release of their last album 24-7 Rockstar Shit in 2017 that happened to The Cribs after splitting up with their management company.

Not every outfit cherishes the record-tour-record cycle these days either, but for the Jarmans it had arguably become a way of life, such that the break nearly broke them; cue the nicest man in rock Dave Grohl, who offered them recording time in his studio – all that was needed now were some songs. These duly arrived after a family Christmas get together inevitably turned into jamming in the garage, and Night Network finds the Wakefield group in an understandable bubble of pure energy.

Laying idle teaches the lesson that seconds are not for wasting, opener Goodbye bringing all that Cribs-style muscle memory back in full force, whilst Running Into You and Under The Bus Station Clock are ready for their frenetic, famous live show, whenever and wherever that moment next arrives. Night Network is a new chapter, but you know you already love the book.

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