Late of The Pier – Fantasy Black Channel review

The Voice Of Unreason

Originally released 11th August 2008. Original review published September 25th 2009.

Allegories. Dusty and forlorn in the reviewer’s toolbox, we commonly choose to wield blunter instruments whilst laying it on the line. Right here though they’re an essential manoeuvre to capture the essence of the creative feat under scrutiny. And in a vulgar attempt to draw in the mainstream masses – neatly perhaps in a locale where we cannot cast a drizzled mushroom without striking a celebrity chef – food is the allegorical weapon of choice.

Imagine for a moment you are permitted unlimited access to Utopia’s deli-counter and invited to assemble a feast of delicious and guilty delights. Perhaps the most likely outcome might be a hurl inducing, disastrously inedible glob of flavours and textures. Far less often, others might create a banquet of riches that goes far beyond the promise of the chosen ingredients. Enter the sonic recipes…

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