Shed Seven – Another Night, Another Town review

Such has been the boom in live music that one of the 20th century adages about the difference between a gig and a show is largely now redundant. Instead of artists just playing twenty or thirty times every other year to promote a record, the tour circuit is now where the money, no matter how little, is made. It followed on therefore that until last March the new music economy now demanded something with a little more effort than fourty five minutes of staring into the floor and mumbling cheers at expectant punters at the beginning and end of the night.

Shed Seven were one of Brtipop’s quieter success stories and despite critical sniping over the years, since reformation have taken advantage of the boom in live music by building an inter-generational following. Such has been their renaissance that the material which makes up Another Night, Another Town is culled mainly from sold out performances at Manchester’s Castlefield Bowl and the Leeds Arena, northern strongholds yes, but still no less notable for the achievement.

Rick Witter and co. took things a step furhter by releasing new material in the guise of 2018’s Invincible, much of which is built into a career-spanning setlist that to his and their credit avoids being a proxy greatest hits. Another Night, Another Town is everything you’d expect: this is a show, delivered by a band in their element doing what they do best in front of people lapping it up. For now, it will have to do.

Read the full review here.

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