Low Island – If You Could Have It All Again review

The emotional pulls of your history – nostalgia, regret, guilt – are some of the most powerful that can be experienced. Especially heightened in an era where it feels a large chunk of recent times t has been spent in a stasis not of our own choosing, irrational longing for both the future and the past is increasingly harder to avoid.

Oxford based Low Island have made a record – difficult enough when the music industry is refusing to bet on almost any unknown quantity – and thematically they’ve posed If You Could Have It All Again as a question, one contextualised by songs which are collaged from sounds and attitudes from around the electronic art rock spectrum, calling at all stops between The 1975 to Radiohead.

Led by singer Carlos Pasada, what could’ve been a marginal excercise in entertainment terms is astutely framed from a number of perspectives. What Do You Stand for sticks pins into the identity led conversation of today, whilst Feel Young Again grooves neatly and closer What The Hell (are you gonna do now) describes a crossroads approached with only instinct for directions. Growing older shouldn’t mean you’ve lost something, but on If You Could Have It All Again Low Island are sifting through the rubble, readying themselves for an unpredictable next.

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