Dave – We’re All Alone In This Together review

A couple of months ago Tyler, The Creator released Call Me If You Get Lost, an album of wild creativity that whether consciously or not was a shift away from the core tenets that had built rap and made it the global art form it is today. In Britain we’re seeing similar but not the same leaps forward; much of what is unresolved societally is mutual to both places, but here there’s still much more of a need for directness, for stories and ultimately for a hearing the truth before reconcilliation is possible.

It’s critics would claim however that this is a nation that’s always struggled to look in the mirror with a sense of objectivity. But We’re All Alone In This Together has far more subtlety than just being a shopping list of accusations and unfocused anger; an immigrant’s son, for David Omoregiea home is much more than somewhere you’re begrudgingly allowed to sleep.

As for many first and second generation émigrés like him, his is a complex relationship with belonging and this is a complex, dense response to it. Over an hour long, the restless verbal arc addresses everything from the pact with the Devil that is the cost of success (Stormzy match up Clash) to the state’s absolute abuse of power and brutality towards the individual (Three Rivers). We’re All Alone In This Together might sound like a politician’s empty catch phrase, but this hugely ambitious album is a stark, often harsh but undeniably new chapter in British music.

You can read he full review here.


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