100 Greatest Songs of the 90’s #43 Da Hool – Meet Her At The Love Parade

Released : 1997

Football hooliganism may well have been the English disease and arguably the country’s most successful cultural export – DJ Frank Tomiczek was supposedly once a proponent, hence the name – but mean, needling, unbreakable techno is undoubtedly Germany’s, a gift for dehumanising rhythm and then rewiring blood to oil and back to sweat that never rests.

Tomiczek was of a generation that had grown up with warehouse raves and DIY production, rejecting the idea of anodyne progressive house as it came in the wake of it’s loopier acid forebear. Signing to a major he kicked out the jams and became a domestic success, but when they rejected a darker, more nightmarish new idea, he quit the whole goddamned program, set up his own label and headed back deep into the underground.

Meet Her At The Love Parade was a beast, all your 3 a.m. madness distilled into nine and a half minutes of slashing hi hat, punishing tempo and a forever mutating acid loop that came live from some former East Berliner’s pill box. Resistance was futile, even if the jackboot, like the tune, was stuck straight in your face.